Once upon a time, if a man had erectile dysfunction, he would not only be ashamed but also ridiculed. If word got out that the proper tools cannot be used, the embarrassment would be immense. Now that ED is better understood and treatable, the embarrassment has gone away for the most part and men are able to sexually function again. Of course, this does take professional medical help.

It is best to avoid the pills sold at gas stations. They may work for many men, but they are not safe. You never know what the real ingredients are. Especially in the past, many of these pills were adulterated with Viagra and Cialis, two of the most effective treatments for ED. It is no wonder they worked. Another point is that you should not use such medications unless they are prescribed for you. It may be easy to get a few pills from a friend, but it could be a health risk.

ED treatment

In order to find the most effective ED treatment, you have to go to a doctor or clinic specializing in ED and other male health problems. A complete physical exam is essential, as there could be underlying causes for the problem. It is not always caused by a lack of blood flow. After the physical exam and normal tests, the cause can be identified. If there is no apparent cause, usually simple medications will help.

Some of the other health issues which will cause ED are high blood pressure, anxiety, low testosterone, prostate problems, drug and alcohol use, some prescribed medications (such as those for high blood pressure), and many other factors. When you go to a male health clinic, you will go through a complete screening and then receive the treatment that you need specifically.