Of all the workout techniques out there, the best are the ones that stimulate and engage the core of the body. These are primarily the midsection, where the abs, obliques, and lower chest muscles are located. Exercises that require straining them can assist better in forming that lean physique and chiseled abs we all aspire for. But they are better achieved when the workouts are done right. Otherwise, injury and damage can be the unfortunate result.

Learning Proper Form

Although seeing how others do it in the gym, on TV or online, it’s best to have the assistance and guidance of a professional. Getting a personal trainer will be a good idea in learning how to have proper form when doing these workouts. Exercises like the bench press, the squat, or deadlift are effective at muscle growth and losing weight. But they must be done right for them to work. 

Doing it the Right Way

squat technique

When doing exercises of any one of those types, it’s vital to do them right. For example, proper squat technique involves having the knees and feet facing outwards like a V shape. Knees must form a direct line with the shoulders. When descending, the knees must never face inwards. That would be a sign that the weight is too much, and a much lighter weight must be used so that the knees aren’t damaged.

Feet Position

Although doing squats and deadlifts feel amazing, it can be appealing to want to do heavier weights. But when these are done prematurely, there’s the risk of doing it the wrong way. One is when the heels are elevated off the floor and the pressure is put on the toes and front of the feet. This is not the right way to do them and can also result in damage to the ligaments and feet bones.