How Low Testosterone is Treated

Advertising has many men convinced that there are great supplements available that will increase testosterone without hormone replacement. If the levels are not too low, certain supplements can indeed help. You should ask your doctor about those to be sure. All you have to do to guarantee low testosterone is have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is very important for men since it is essential to male hormone production and men lose a great deal of it with every ejaculation.

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At the same time, this is not always the problem and it can be overlooked. Once you are 25, the testosterone levels start to decline and you are left with some issues like low energy, low or no sex-drive, erectile dysfunction, low immunity, and even poor physical performance. The fact is that men need it and sometimes it gets severely low, causing the problems mentioned.

In this case, it is important to go to a male clinic and get testosterone replacement therapy Florida men need to have fun in the sun and the sack again. Essentially, you are not completely a man without that important hormone.

There are some different ways to boost testosterone and they all involve replacing the hormone with the same hormone. The routes of administration will vary. For example, you could be prescribed a topical cream or a patch, both with the right amount of testosterone to bring your levels back to normal. Otherwise, you will have to get injections weekly or bi-weekly. There are no pills available for this.

Though it may be inconvenient to use a cream, patch, or injections, the results are well worth it. You will have more energy and endurance, a boost in sexual drive and performance, a positive and vital mood, relief or any erectile dysfunction, as well as some signs of youth returning.