The Truth About Hair Loss

Chronic and progressive hair loss is called “alopecia”. There are different kinds of the condition and many different causes. Nobody wants to be losing the hair on their heads. The condition can be hereditary, caused by some medications, and may be induced by other factors such as thyroid disorders.

When you notice your hair growing slower than normal and you see hair coming out more than usual, you are probably dealing with some form of alopecia.

As the hair on the head starts to go away, you might be inclined to try some of the topical solutions sold over the counter. Unfortunately, these do not work for everyone and most supplements do not work either. This is true for men who have hereditary alopecia. Whether it is hormonal or hereditary, you can still have it treated. Sometimes medications may be used to keep hormones normal. Otherwise, hair transplants are the best way to fix the problem.

alopecia totalis,

Once hair follicles are no longer producing hair, they are pretty much offline from there on out. What the right specialists can do to help is a transplant procedure. Hair follicles are removed from other parts of the body and implanted on the scalp precisely. This does take some time to do and you will have to go back for several visits, but it is worth it.

When you have alopecia totalis, you will lose all of the hair on your head and even some or all on the body, usually with pubic hair remaining. No man wants to wear a toupee and no woman wants to wear a wig. Instead, restoring natural hair growth is the best thing to do. You will not have to deal with fake hair because you will have real, growing hair again.